Monday, July 30, 2007

June Home Sales in Long Beach CA

Well it is important that we be able to track the history of what is happening. After all if we don't learn history we are destined to repeat it right? So let's take a look at the sales data for June. Shortly the July numbers will be available so we will have a really good idea of what is happening.

All data is taken from SoCalMLS which is the area that services the Long Beach area. Properties not listed for sale in the MLS or sold private party without going into the MLS system will not be reflected in these figures.

Sales figures are for residential sales. No commercial properties (properties above 5 units, vacant land, or other commercial property are not included in these figures).

June 2007 Sales Data

  • New Listings - 466 new
  • Active Listings at the End of June - 1,520
  • Properties that went into Escrow (Pending and Backup) - 110 (35 Backup & 75 Pending)
  • Closed Sales - 273
  • Expired - 143

So if you look at the data it would look like there were very few new properties that went into escrow and many that were closed out from a fairly decent May. It appears that the sellers who want to sell are still putting there homes up. I have a feeling that July numbers will tell a different story so stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Historic Makeover for Historic Building

The building in Long Beach, commonly referred to as "the one with the Green Roof" to new visitors to the area is undergoing a major renovation. As the paint has been peeling the building has lost some of it's original luster. The project now of bringing back it's glory as a true icon in Long Beach is a 4 million dollar endeavour. This historic Long Beach Condos throughout the city all undergo improvements at times and this major project will help keep the Villa Riviera in great shape for years to come.
Among replacing 15 layers of paint, they will also be replacing the entry doors with bronze doors that are estimated to cost $450,000. Press-Telegram put up a great article that details the project. View more information at