Friday, August 29, 2008

Inside a Unit at the Cooper Arms

Have you ever been inside the historic Cooper Arms in downtown Long Beach? If you haven't you are missing out on one of the great buildings in downtown Long Beach.

Some of these units are so well maintained you can hardly tell that the building was built in 1923. These units were once used as vacation properties for the wealthy population of Long Beach back in the 20's and 30's. So owning a property in this building is like going back in time and enjoying a little bit of luxury.

What does a unit at the Cooper Arms look like?

The video below will show you some of the details that are available in units at the Cooper Arms. Pay special attention to the details that have done in this unit.

How do you get to own your own piece of property in the Cooper Arms?

You can get your own piece of property at the Cooper Arms by checking out what is available using our free MLS or you can always fill out the contact form and we will be happy to send you a custom list of what is available at the Cooper Arms today so you can see which unit you like.

What other units are available in downtown?

Have you ever driven by a condo in downtown long beach and just wanted to know what it looked like inside? If you have and you would like to see the inside let us know through the contact form and we will see about getting pictures or video of the building if we don't already have it available.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Water Heater is Crying

For those who know me on Facebook, you probably saw the picture I posted. After a pretty tough day in the real estate world, I came home to the picture you see here. Actually most of the entire driveway at the rear of my house was covered with water.

The Temperature Relief Valve (TPR) was overflowing and was actually continuing to leak out water. Having been on over 200 home inspections, I knew this was the design, but I didn't really know what I should do about it. So of course I called my plumber, and he will be out there today (he told me to turn the temperature down to stop the leaking :) ).

It got me thinking about some of the items that sometimes we don't pay much attention to in the home inspection. Here are some thoughts.

  • Condo Buyers - It is often impossible to have the TPR valve routed to the exterior of the building, so make sure that your water heater is in a drip pan. If you had the same problem as me, it could have ruined your flooring.
  • Down Pipe - The pipe that points down from the TPR Valve is designed to protect your hand from burning when the water pours out. In my case it was there so I could safely turn the water temperature down.
  • Home Warranty - Make sure you get that Home Warranty for the first year to protect yourself in the event this happens. We have used Diane and Courtney of Old Republic and they would walk you through how their company could help in a situation like this.

So those home inspections are pretty valuable as they can help you be properly prepared for events like this. Although water heaters can last 10 years or more, when it does go out, you don't want cabinets or flooring getting damaged.

What's available at the Cooper Arms in Long Beach

Have you ever wanted to live in a historic building near the ocean? If you have the cooper arms may be the building for you.

Where is the Cooper Arms?

This wonderful building is on the corner of Ocean Blvd & Linden in downtown long beach. The Cooper features a units that range in size from as cozy as under 500 sqft to over 1,000 sqft.

Some units in this complex have wonderful ocean views from their balconies and others feature ocean views from their kitchens.

What is available at the Cooper Arms?

At the moment the selection is short at the Cooper. Currently there are just 4 units available at the Cooper Arms with one being in escrow.

The units range in price from $169,900 to as much as $269,000. At the Cooper some of the units can be far more expensive than others depending on view and condition of the unit so make sure take that into consideration.

What does the Cooper Arms Look Like?

We prepared a short video to show you what it looks like from the outside and how close it really is to the ocean.

Want to see the details of all the units at the Cooper Arms? Check out our free MLS our use our contact form to get a free custom website created just for you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cliff May Homes Use More of Their Lot To Your Advantage

Have you ever thought that if you could use your front yard for more than just grass that it would give you more living space or more space to explore? Many Cliff May homes have front fences that create a wonderful private sanctuary.

Not sure what this would look like? We have prepared a video of a Cliff May home that is a great example of how a Cliff May home can have such a private experience.

Cliff May Home Video

Are you ready to homes in person? We have an entire team of dedicated buying specialists that are ready to serve you. All you have to do is fill out the contact form and we can have someone set you up with your own personal website.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rare sights in Belmont Heights

Just recently there have been some Long Beach condos that have become available in buildings that we haven't seen in years. Particularly in Belmont Heights there are two buildings that have great locations that now have units available.

With prime locations and large floor plans for condos I am sure these won't last long, so I just had to point them out to our readers here at the Long Beach Home Blog.

2538 E. 2nd St actually has two different condos available currently. Just steps away from Bluff Park and the Ocean this complex commands a wonderful location. The top floor unit that is available has high ceilings providing an even more open feeling. The nice part is you get inside laundry and a balcony to enjoy the year round great weather. Don't worry about finding parking near the beach as these condos come with secured parking. One condo available here is over 1,300 sq ft and the other is over 1,400 sq ft so you will definitely be looking at properties that are on the larger side compared to others throughout the city.

3833 E. 2nd St, known as the Plaza Miramar has just 1 condo available. I have driven by this complex for years and can't even remember the last time I saw a sign. This building was built in 1986 and has a condo available that is 1,348 sq ft. The nice part about this building is that they too have balconies that can face south to the ocean. The current unit available faces east. Similar to 2538 E. 2nd St, you will also get inside laundry here (stackable) and secured parking. With this block of 2nd st there is a mild elevation so you really get a wonderful view to enjoy.

Great Beach Condos

These are two great beach condos in Belmont Heights that rarely have units available. If you have just been hoping on that great condo close to the Ocean, and you wanted a large place this is your chance. Search the Long Beach MLS and you can all of the details of these great units.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

How to get the home you want and save money on the purchase

We all want to save money when we purchase. Since a home purchase is generally our largest purchase, we feel the need to really save money on that purchase as well. Entering the Long Beach real estate market here you can save money as a buyer if you prepare properly.

Here are some time tested ways to save money on your purchase and be happy on move-in day.

  • Monitor the Neighborhoods you like - Trying to get the worst home in the best neighborhood is possible, but you need to understand what that "great price" really is by monitoring the neighborhood. You probably won't find a home in Belmont Heights for $200,000, but if you do find one for $499,000 know that it's a deal you don't want to miss.

  • Meet with a Lender - I know it's sounds obvious, but many buyers just want to quickly speak with their lender over the phone and be done with it. Meeting with a lender (particularly a direct lender) can save you money by learning about down payment assistance programs, lower interest rates and more. Bank of America waives many of it's fees for their customers so try your bank.

  • Be Prepared - Your Long Beach real estate agent should help prepare you for making an offer that is a winner. This doesn't mean you are the one offering the most, it often means you are the one who has all of the documentation. Besides the offer that your agent will prepare you should have a deposit check, proof of funds (bank statement) of our down payment, FICO scores, and a pre-approval. We also write a personal letter for our clients so our offers can stand out a bit more. Having all of this ready will help you to jump to the top of the heap.

  • Be Aggressive and Reasonable - There is an art form to negotiations. Contrary to many beliefs the banks aren't "hurting" so bad that they will take 20 cents on the dollar (at least not here in sunny So Cal) so when you ask for a discount take into consideration how well the property is priced. If it is already priced at the bottom of the neighborhood, then you have less room to negotiate.

Start Researching Now

Start looking through the Long Beach MLS to see homes and condos that would match up to your lifestyle. Understanding what is available is a first big step. You can buy a home, have fun, and save money, it just takes a little preparation. But, most of all, have fun!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Beauty of Cliff May Homes in the Rancho Area of Long Beach

Have ever thought of owning a Cliff May home? If you aren't sure what a Cliff May home can offer you we have developed a whole section on our website that discusses in detail the Cliff May Floor plans, Cliff May Materials, and where you can find these homes in Long Beach.

These homes are truly a delight to be in and the communities that surround these homes are excellent as well. In fact the Rancho Area of Long Beach is literally home to hundreds of these homes. While there may be hundreds in the area it is rare to see more than a dozen or so on the market

We prepared a short video so you can see what a Cliff May Home in the Rancho Area of Long Beach looks like.

If you want to see how many cliff may homes are currently for sale there are two ways you can get the list and both, we promise, are pain free. You can either search our FREE MLS (I recommend searching in the Lakewood Plaza\Rancho area to see the most Cliff May homes) or you can contact us via the contact form here and we will set you up with your very own private website so you can monitor what is going on with homes in these areas.

If you own a Cliff May home and would like to have pictures of your home on our blog here or at our website at please contact us as we are always in search of pictures of Cliff May Homes to share with others.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not much to Choose From in University Park Estates

If you have been looking to own a piece of property in University Park estates you only have a few pieces of property to choose from. In fact you only have 7 single family homes to choose from.

Where is University Park Estates?

This area is appropriately named because it is just south of the CSULB (Cal State University Long Beach) campus. This area is home to wonderful homes in neighborhoods that have easy access to the 22 freeway, the beach, and the 605.

What is Available & How Much Does it Cost?

Homes in this area of Long Beach tend to be larger than in other areas of the city and their price will reflect that you are getting more home as well.

At this moment the 7 single family homes for sale have the following characteristics:

  • Average of 3.9 bedrooms
  • Average of 3.0 bathrooms
  • Average living space in this area is 2,553 square feet
  • The average list price is $890,000

So this presents some unique opportunities for those looking to live in an exclusive area of Long Beach. The most expensive home in the area is currently being offered at $1,400,000 and is over 4,400 square feet of living space.

How do you see more?

We have a free MLS that you can check out all the detail on the properties that are currently being offered for sale. Just click on the FREE MLS button on the right to see what home meets your needs!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Redevelopment in Long Beach Right from the Source

The Long Beach Redevelopment Agency has projects all over the City of Long Beach. Their goal is to revitalize areas throughout Long Beach with economic development, creation of new jobs, and affordable housing projects.

With a city the size of Long Beach this is no easy task. I will say for a city website, their presence is pretty thorough and they have a great tool that shows you the current projects on a map. It allows you to track upcoming projects as well as projects that are well underway.

It's a great way to get familiar with what is going on currently. If you want to be a high growth area use this LB RDA website along with our Free Long Beach MLS so you can find the property that is right for you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is Loan Modification Right for You?

Do you want to keep your home but can't refinance as a result of the change in the market? Have you considered a loan modification? If you want to keep your home and are having problems with a loan adjusting then a loan modification may be in your best interest.

So what is a loan modification? In the simplest of terms a loan modification is a change to your original loan terms. These terms should benefit you in the short term and the long term. There are some things you should know about loan modification.

4 Things to Know About Loan Modifications

  • It is illegal to charge up front fees for loan modifications
  • There is no guarantee that the process will work
  • They will need cooperation from you in order to make the process work
  • They should offer a free consultation up front (again no up front fees)

Good loan modification companies only get paid if they are successful. This keeps them motivated to finish the job for you. Make sure you can find references for the company so that you know who you are working with. There are many of these kinds of companies starting up almost every day so make sure you pick wisely.

Do you want a referral of a loan modification company? If you do please fill out the contact form and we will be happy to put you in touch with one.

Monday, August 18, 2008

5 Priorities Your Long Beach Agent Should Have

I think many times when people get think about starting in real estate they think that it will be super easy. In fact, most of the time these are the items they think that real estate will consist of:

  • Working on Weekends
  • Showing People Properties
  • Magically make a bunch of money

Unfortunately this perception is also thought of by the majority of the public. As those who enter real estate find, it is a much different world when you try to make a full time living at it. The realities of being a Long Beach real estate agent include many more tasks and responsibilities.

So what are the top priorities of agents here in Long Beach (or at least what I think they should be):

  1. Be a Fiduciary - This duty is a legal relationship that is formed between client and agent. I attribute this to treating your clients like an attorney would. Agents need to put clients first which may mean walking away from properties (and commissions) that are not a good fit.
  2. Education - As most professional industries go, real estate requires continued education, but probably not as much as it should. Real Estate Agents should be learning more about the practice of real estate as well as about their neighborhoods in which they operate. They should then communicate that new found information through their blogs and websites.
  3. Marketing - I don't mean taking out bus stop benches and phone booth ads. I mean real estate professionals should market to the public through unique information that is of value. Detailed area information, hard to find sales data and more so the public can truly learn what is going on in the real estate market.
  4. Negotiation - The old adage of offering low and then meeting half way in between is so naive it's ridiculous. Real Estate professionals are there to advise you on how well the property is priced (or not so well priced) so you can come to an agreed upon price that demonstrates a market value that buyer and seller can be happy with. Make sure our Long Beach agent goes over the numbers with you and hey, take some time to listen and digest!
  5. Follow Up and Process - Your real estate agent should outline the process for you and tell you how they will keep you up to date with the latest property information. This is more than just "hey here are the listings". I update my buyers every Wednesday and keep them up to date daily with property information. Whatever your agents process is, make sure it works for you!

There are definitely more than 5, but I think this will get the ball rolling. What priorities do you think agents here in Long Beach should have?

Don't forget, you can search all Long Beach real estate using our Free Long Beach MLS.

Friday, August 15, 2008

How many properties are available in Long Beach?

We often talk about what has been sold but we often don't talk about what is actually available in Long Beach.
Often time the media reports, and by media I mean newspapers and those not directly in the real estate business, that there is just a large number of choices and that buyers can get anything they want.
Well in certain parts of this country that may be true and in other parts of this country prices are going up. That may seem shocking to some but it just happens to depend on where you live and what someone is willing to pay for a piece of dirt with a structure on it or as we call it, real estate!
So what do buyers have to choose from in Long Beach?
I decided to take 3 areas and chart what is available as of August 12th 2008 in the MLS. The chart reflects the total available residential properties that a buyer can choose from in each area. So in Belmont Heights which also includes Alamitos Heights a buyer can choose from only 127 properties. This represents both homes and condos.
In Belmont Shore and Naples buyers have even less choices at 122 choices. Now Belmont Shore, Naples, and Belmont Heights all represent properties that average well above the Los Angeles county average for a home. The average price for a home in these areas is well above $600,000. Few buyers these days can afford the large mortgage payment at these prices and if they can they really don't have that much to choose from.
In downtown long beach there are far more choices available for buyers then in just about any other area of Long Beach. In fact there are more choices in downtown than the other two areas combined. What does this all mean? It means if you are looking for housing in the up and coming areas of downtown you have a few more choices available then ever before. There are some great opportunities that buyers can take advantage of in this part of the city.
Want to find out more? Check out our FREE MLS that will tell you what's available in your area of Long Beach.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Beach Lofts - Not as many available as you think

Lofts in Long Beach are one of those types of properties that usually aren't abundant in choices. In the state of the current housing market, the neatest aspect is that if you are looking for a loft you can actually choose between any of the Lofts here in Long Beach.

Be aware that some of those really "good deals" are actually short sales, but if you hunt carefully you will find some wonderful values in prime locations. So what exactly is available?

Total Lofts in Long Beach Available: 30

Yes just 30 lofts total are currently on the market. The most affordable is $275,000 with the most expensive currently being $875,000.
Adaptive Re-use Lofts
These lofts are what many people start to look for when they envision a loft. It is taking an old (often historic) structure and turning into living spaces. Here are the Lofts that are adaptive re-use projects here in Long Beach:
  • Walker Building - 5 Lofts currently available - With a prime location on Pine and 4th this is probably the most recognized loft in Long Beach.

  • Kress Lofts - 4 Lofts currently available - With a warm brick exterior and interior these Lofts don't come up too often. Just 1 block from the Walker they are worth exploring.

  • Insurance Exchange - 2 Lofts currently available - This tall building on Broadway is across from some newer developments and still has a prime location in Downtown Long Beach.

  • Temple Lofts - 9 Lofts currently available - There are still 6 NEW lofts available here and the builder has been willing to work with offers.

  • Ebell Theater - 2 Lofts currently available - This loft development located on the eastern portion of downtown is a remarkable development with just 11 lofts in total. 1 here is a short sale though so be careful.

That's it as far as Adaptive re-use projects go. Just 21 total Lofts. Once you take into account your budget and your goals for what size of Loft you want there aren't too many to look at. The lofts are a wonderful segment of Long Beach real estate, so look through them and find the best fit for you.

Don't forget, you can search the Long Beach MLS free to find the details on ALL of the Lofts listed above.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How many properties sold in Long Beach in July 2008?

What does the real estate market in Long Beach look like? Well to be honest it looks quite a bit better than it looked just a few months ago.

Those who were waiting for things to get worse are looking at a market that continues to have properties being sold and values holding steady in many areas of the city.

We are bringing back some graphs after a little bit of absence to show people what is going on in the market.

We had a very healthy 233 homes being sold for the month of July. I know there will be those that would say that isn't that many homes and compared to the boom days where over 400 homes were being sold every single month this is about 50% off but this is still a solid number of properties being sold.

How many of each type of homes and condos were sold?

We want to answer what you were thinking. The condos are not selling as fast unless they are in the very affordable portion of the market which tends to be under $225,000 these days. There have been condos within blocks of the beach for under $165,000 in some cases. Check out the free MLS on our blog here for more information.

What does it all mean?

It means that if you are waiting you might want to take some action. We are finding that properties in top shape can often be sold in days as long as they are priced at or below what other properties are listed for sale in the market. How do you know what other properties are listed for sale? You know by taking a look at the MLS or by filling out the form for your very own and personal market snapshot.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long Beach Real Estate Agents and Olympic Stories

It's the Olympics! I think the Olympics are an absolutely amazing set of events. The fact that they happen only once every 4 years makes it even more of a marvel. The best of the best throughout the entire world compete to see who will be crowned champion.

Sometimes even more interesting than the events themselves are the stories behind the athletes. They train for years and years and sacrifice for the opportunity to represent their country and to hopefully be crowned an Olympic Champion.

So, how does this relate to real estate in Long Beach?

I think often when people are searching the web for real estate and looking through pictures of homes, condos, or multi-units they aren't thinking about who is going to help them with that purchase.

Now this is not going to be a post that puts the Long Beach real estate broker in the same status as an Olympic athlete, but realize that who you choose to work with will have a story behind them. Is that a story that will match up to your goals?

Not every broker in real estate here in Long Beach values it as a true profession. They have not made the sacrifice to get more education or deepen their knowledge so that they can represent you with pride.

Understand their Story

Before you decide to have a real estate agent in Long Beach represent you find out their story. Ask them questions beyond sales questions so you can see if they are the best fit for you. Here are some questions to ask and some other things to research.

  • Check them out on Facebook or LinkedIn - these can tell a story of who they are both in work and outside
  • Ask Questions on how they work - See if they come in to the office each day or maybe they just work from home. It can tell you how they treat their business (and you)
  • Education - Find out to what level they are educated. It doesn't mean they have to have a college degree, but maybe they have gotten additional certifications or even a brokers license.

Understanding the story behind the professional that is helping you can make it so you have the best experience possible, whether that is buying or selling here in Long Beach. To your success!

Don't forget, search the Long Beach MLS free and find out the great homes and condos that are currently available.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Home Stretch for CSULB Close Real Estate

The start of a new term at Cal State Long Beach is quickly approaching. Many students and parents have been feverishly looking for the deals in Long Beach real estate, only to be faced with multiple offers on the few coveted bank owned properties.

After all, despite the hype of the media, bank owned properties make up only 11.3% of the entire Long Beach real estate market. So where should you look for a great deal on a property near CSULB if you can't get a bank owned property?

Here are some thoughts:

  • Traditional Sellers - Yes they are still out there! Some of these sellers have great equity in their condos and homes and it is just time for them to move on so they have priced them aggressively. Don't expect the property to be upgraded, but you can get a great location.

  • Condo Conversions - There really are some great condo conversions out there, so keep an eye out for them. Many of these developers anticipated a stronger market and are now offering steep discounts to unload their inventory. You can expect some great upgrades in these properties, but take a careful look at the location and how many owners are currently in the building.

  • Homes - Investing in a home near CSULB is a bit bigger investment, but you will see the fruits of that investment down the road. Most parents focus on the condos, but if you can afford to invest in a home in Los Altos or the Rancho / Plaza area you could pick up a strong deal. Homes near $400,000 don't last long and you can focus on getting some roommates to help cover the extra expense.

There isn't much time on the clock left to get a great property for your student who is attending CSULB in the fall so act now to get the best possible value. They are out there and with low rates you can certainly have a great investment that can help you pay off those tuition fees.

Search ALL Long Beach Real estate using our FREE Long Beach MLS so you can find properties near CSULB today.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wake Up Long Beach Real Estate Agents

In today's real estate market in Long Beach many people are blaming sellers for unrealistic pricing. Better yet, they are blaming buyers for just trying to "get a deal".


The reality in today's market is that the attitude of Long Beach real estate agents in the market must change with the changing times. As real estate brokers we are fiduciaries for our clients. Much like attorneys our role is one of advice and recommendations, but we can't change the market place.

Expect More

If you are a buyer or seller in today's market, here are some of the things you should expect from a professional in real estate.
  1. Professional Advice - I am not talking about someone going off of their gut or their "20 years" of experience. I am speaking about someone providing you balanced information on the market so that you can come to an informed decision. The decision may be to take NO action or it may be to proceed. The bottom line is you need data and someone familiar with the market place to help you decide what to do.
  2. An Office - If you are dealing with a real professional in real estate, they will suggest meeting at their office, not at Starbucks. You wouldn't meet your attorney or surgeon at Starbucks, so don't meet your real estate agent there.
  3. Defined Process - The real estate transaction (whether buying or selling) shouldn't be a mystery that you figure out as you go. Although there are certain contracts required by the state of California and local offices, ask your agent how they will guide you through the process and what they should expect. It's VERY different depending on which side you are on so make sure you know what some of the nuances are.
  4. Specialist - Maybe I am biased on this one (since we run a team of specialists), but I firmly believe you should get a specialist to help you with your goals. Think about it, you don't go to Doctor who is a general practitioner and ask them to do open heart surgery! So, look for a real estate professional who specializes in an area, and also hopefully in what you are trying to do (buying or selling).

Expect more from your Long Beach real estate agent so you can have the same experience as going to a top doctor or Lawyer. If you aren't getting that experience, it might be time to reevaluate your goals and who is helping you to achieve them.

Find the Long Beach Home that you are looking for using our FREE Long Beach MLS.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Condos to be auctioned at West Ocean LB

Have you wondered when the large developments would start auctioning off some of their properties? If you were waiting you no longer have to wait. West Ocean LB in Long Beach located on Ocean Blvd just to the west of 360 W Ocean, the Sovereign, will be auctioning off units on the 24th of August.

What kind of deal can you expect?

If you were hoping for the penthouse for $100,000 I wouldn't hold your breath. The starting price of the units is well over $275,000 for even a 1 bedroom unit. To be honest I thought the whole point of an auction was to bid the property up not to start at a fairly high price.

Remember to factor in that the HOA for these units can be $680 or more.

What is being offered?

Let's take a look at what is being offered so we can see if anything is a deal.

  • 9 - 1 bedrooms - all are starting at $275,000
  • 25 - 2 bedrooms - starting at $350,000
  • 5 - 3 bedrooms - starting at $795,000

On the MLS right now (Check out the Free MLS), you can get 2 bedroom units for as affordable as $529,000 with sellers willing to help with HOA and additional costs as well. So looking at that you don't want to bid too high on some of those two bedrooms or you will be over paying.

What should you offer?

Only you can decide that but don't get too excited at the auction. The whole point of the auction is to get the most for the owner of the unit not to give the best deal to the buyer. Keep in mind there are many motivated sellers out there in Long Beach that would be happy to work with a motivated buyer.

Some information for this post was used from Press Telegram article on luxury condos by Joe Stevens.

Friday, August 01, 2008

How Many Foreclosures Are There in Long Beach?

Have you ever noticed how headlines in the newspapers always report how large the REO (real estate owned) market is? It is no secret that the real estate market now has properties that are owned by banks.

The real estate owned market is not the biggest part of the Long Beach market by any stretch. Let's take a look at what we have available.

  • 1,663 total residential properties are available in the city
  • 189 of the Active properties available for Sale are owned by banks
  • 11.3% of the market is REO or Bank Owned Properties

So when you look at it over 88% of the Long Beach Real Estate market is not owned by banks. In fact the largest portion of REO inventory is located in two portions of the city.

Of the 189 properties that are currently owned by banks 107 of those properties are in the areas of Downtown Long Beach and North Long Beach.

If you want to see the kinds of properties that are available use our FREE MLS that we offer so you can see properties that are available in your area.